Are You Looking For A Fun And Delicious Way To Show Your Dog How Much You Care?...

Discover Hundreds Of The Tastiest, Most Delicious Dog Treat Recipes That Are GUARANTEED To Get Your Best Friend’s Tail Wagging

He’s loyal. He’s loving. He’s always there to greet you with a wagging tail when you come home. He always manages to put a smile on your face on even the worst days. He’s more than just your dog… he’s your best friend.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to show your dog just how much he means to you, there’s no better way than preparing him a delicious and nutritious “dog approved” treat.

I’ve compiled a massive collection of doggone delicious recipes that are not only mouthwatering, but also nutritious and guaranteed to wag some tails! I’m proud to introduce…

“150 Gourmet Recipes For Dogs That Even YOU Can Enjoy”

These recipes are fun and easy to make, and so delicious that your dog will think you’re a five star celebrity chef! Mouths will water and tails will wag when your best friend sees you preparing his favorite recipes. Even the pickiest eaters won’t be able to resist the tasty surprises inside this book.

You may be saying…

“This cookbook isn’t right for me… my idea of cooking is hitting the speed dial for the local pizza restaurant!”

Don’t worry! All the recipes included are easy to make and include detailed step-by-step instructions. You don’t need to be a five star chef to cook like one.

“I can’t afford to add expensive ingredients to my shopping cart just to cook for my dog!”

Most of the ingredients needed for these recipes are already in your kitchen. They use common and inexpensive ingredients. You won’t have to buy filet mignon to make your dog’s mouth water!

“I just don’t have time to slave away in the kitchen for hours to make my dog a tasty meal!”

These recipes can be prepared and cooked in less than an hour and are easy enough to prepare right along with your own family’s dinner!

As you can see, creating a tasty meal for your dog is easier than most people think. With ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen and in just minutes, you can whip up a fun meal or snack for your best furry friend.

“Take A Look Inside This Recipe Book That No Dog Lover’s Kitchen Should Be Without”


  • The surprising foods that are toxic to dogs – and it’s much more than just chocolate
  • Over twenty delicious ways to start your dog’s day with the best canine breakfast recipes
  • The treats that can be made with just seven simple ingredients in your cupboard right now and can be stored for months (You’ll never need to buy another box of treats ever again!)
  • Ten natural and healthy alternatives to that big bag of dry kibble
  • A meal that is not only delicious to your dog, but can also aid in the prevention of canine cancer
  • Six “healing” recipes that will help your dog look and feel his best
  • The twelve magical herbs than can help your dog overcome certain illnesses
  • Fifty international recipes that dogs from every corner of the world simply can’t get enough of
  • Sauces that you can use to transform your dog’s dry kibble into gourmet meal that they’ll never forget
  • Minty fresh bad breath busting treats that will make those doggie kisses pleasant again
  • Seventeen meaty treats you can make “just because he’s your best friend”
  • Fun and creative dog cookies (your kids will love cutting out cute shapes with cookie cutters)
  • Thirteen desserts for the spoiled rotten dog in your life
  • Eight recipes for special occasions. Make your dog’s next birthday one he’ll never forget!
  • That apple cake that will even you’ll want to try!
  • Nine puppy approved recipes for that little one in your life
  • Ten healing beverages – healthy alternatives to plain water
  • Nine special hygiene recipes that will clean your dog from the inside out
  • A natural minty toothpaste that is safe to swallow and will prevent gum disease and other oral issues in the future
  • …and so much more!!!

Each recipe includes serving size, preparation and cooking times, a complete ingredient list, detailed step-by-step instructions, and experience level. There are plenty of kid friendly recipes! Your children will love feeding your dog the tasty treats they worked so hard to make!

Each page also includes tips on when you should use the recipe, fun facts, storage tips and other ways to make cooking the recipe easier, variations, safety tips, substitutions for dogs with special dietary needs, and quick tips.

…and the best part about this recipe book is…

It’s Delivered In Digital Form

When you order, you get instant access to your recipes so you can get started right away. You won’t need to stuff another bulky cookbook into your cabinet – just print out the recipe you need and you’re good to go! You have quick and easy access to all your dog’s favorite recipes on your home computer. No more thumbing through countless pages of recipes to find the one you want.

Are You Ready To Discover Nearly Two Hundred Of The Tastiest Tail Wagging Treats Guaranteed To Make Your Dog’s Mouth Water?

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Twenty Natural And Healthy Recipes

($17 value)

I’m including twenty extra recipes to add to your collection. Your dog is guaranteed to love them…

…and speaking of guarantees…

Your Purchase Is Backed By My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 60 days to try my recipes. If your dog isn’t 100% satisfied, I will personally refund every penny of the purchase price – no questions asked!

Just A Reminder

For the low price of just $17, you’ll get instant access to…

  • 150 Gourmet Recipes For Dogs Even You Can Enjoy
  • Desktop Puppy
  • The Secrets To A Healthy Pooch: Your Questions Answered
  • Twenty Natural And Healthy Recipes

Plus you’re backed by my 100% money back guarantee!

PS. These recipes are so delicious, it’s guaranteed to be love at first bite!

PPS. You have a full 60 days to try out these mouthwatering recipes. If your dog doesn’t enjoy them, I will refund every penny of the purchase price… and I’ll even let you keep the bonuses as my gift to you just for trying out these yummy tail waggin’ recipes!

PPS. You have a full 60 days to try out these mouthwatering recipes. If your dog doesn’t enjoy them, I will refund every penny of the purchase price… and I’ll even let you keep the bonuses as my gift to you just for trying out these yummy tail waggin’ recipes!

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